Blue Mountain College assists students in developing intellectual integrity, academic excellence, civility, and Christian character.

Approved by the BMC Board of Trustees, February 28, 2014.


Identity Statement

Founded in 1873 as a Christian liberal arts college and affiliated since 1920 with the Mississippi Baptist Convention, the College recruits undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to scholarship, servant leadership, and service in church and community. The student-centered campus exhibits a climate of personal attention, respect, inclusion, and high expectations in all modes of delivery. Students are guided to reach their God-given potential with the leadership of professionals who share the common bond of Christian faith and who are committed to excellence.

 Approved by the BMC Board of Trustees, February 28, 2014.

Expanded Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Blue Mountain College is to prepare students for graduate school, the job market, and a more fulfilled life. Providing a sound general education foundation, the College offers an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum, pre-professional and professional programs, and opportunities for graduate study in selected fields. The College is committed to offering programs which provide opportunities for service. Students who can benefit from the academic programs and student services at the College are recruited primarily from Mississippi and other southeastern states.

Blue Mountain College is committed to excellence and creativity in teaching and learning. With a faculty and staff who share a common bond of Christian faith and with all of the departments functioning in close proximity to each other, continuity exists among the various programs. Each student is encouraged to grow as an individual, to adjust to his/her own uniqueness, and to take advantage of opportunities for service.

Goal Statements

  1. Academic Excellence
    Blue Mountain College will strive for excellence by employing qualified faculty, staff, and administrators; recruiting students who can benefit from the college experience; providing a productive learning environment that motivates students to excel by stimulating intellectual curiosity and independent thinking; and promoting scholarship, service, and cultural activities that advance knowledge.

  2. Curriculum
    The curriculum will prepare students for a lifetime of learning and instill basic skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for personal development and reasoned responses to a changing world. These goals will be accomplished through study in general education, specialized fields of undergraduate and graduate study, and related educational experiences.

  3. Image and Target Market
    Blue Mountain College will enhance its image as a Christian liberal arts college for students who wish to reach their God-given potential. The College will target prospective students (particularly those who are actively involved in Baptist churches) who have a commitment to scholarship, servant leadership, and service in church and community.

  4. Faculty and Staff
    Blue Mountain College will employ and retain Christian faculty dedicated to teaching and advising and to improving themselves through professional development opportunities and staff and administrators who support these efforts. Service to the College and the greater community will characterize all those who work at the College. To the extent possible, the College will provide compensation and benefits which compare favorably with regional colleges of similar size and mission and each individual=s level of accomplishment. The College will support professional development for all personnel.

  5. Student Development and Services
    Blue Mountain College will provide opportunities for personal growth and development of the individual student. The College will offer personal, career, and academic advising; lectures, programs, and activities; and student organizations.

  6. Christian Setting
    Blue Mountain College will manifest Christian principles through its policies for students, faculty, staff, and administrators; through its promotion of a climate embracing personal attention, respect, and inclusion; and through the encouragement of the development of Christian relationships among students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

  7. Convention/Church
    Blue Mountain College will maintain strong ties with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and Baptist churches. Consistent with its mission and resources, the College will provide cultural, spiritual, and/or recreational activities for constituents within its service area.

  8. Alumni
    In order to strengthen ties to their alma mater and to encourage their interest and investment in the institution, Blue Mountain College will communicate effectively with its alumni and serve them in meaningful ways.

  9. Fiscal Affairs and Fund Raising
    Blue Mountain College will secure and manage the resources necessary to provide for its academic programs and essential support services. While maintaining a sound financial base, the College will offer an affordable education for the greatest number of its applicants and remain competitive with peer institutions' costs. The College will enhance its fund-raising efforts, expand its endowment, carefully manage its facilities, and follow a master plan for capital improvements.

The mission and goals of Blue Mountain College will be carried out through the strategic planning process and reflected in the policies and procedures of the College as adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Approved by the BMC Board of Trustees, February 28, 2014.

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