Welcome from the Biblical Studies Chair

Dr. Douglas Bain

The mission of the degree program in Biblical Studies is [1] to assist students in acquainting themselves with standard and reliable information in the biblical disciplines studied and [2] to assist them in equipping themselves with critical evaluational skills and relational skills necessary for effective Christian experience, [3] so that they can situate themselves in contemporary context on the basis of a biblical world view and a substantial degree of spiritual maturity and [4] can proceed to further training at the graduate level, [5] so that they may move into responsible church-related positions and/or usefulness and effectiveness as Christian servant leaders.

The mission of the Christian Ministry program in the department of Biblical and Associated Studies program is to prepare students for practical service in a variety of Christian ministry contexts and to prepare them academically for graduate theological studies.

BMC May well be the occasion to which God is leading you to invest your best commitments. May our Lord direct in your prayerful deliberations about future challenges.