Consumer Information

Students seeking assistance obtaining student consumer information should contact the following:

Beverly Hickey, Director, Office of Financial Aid

662-685-4771 ext 141

Brad Hill, Assistant Director, Office of Financial Aid
662-685-4771 ext 254


Consumer Information listed alphabetically:

Academic Programs (pages 64-88 of catalog)


Athletic Program and Participation Information

Available Financial Assistance                   

Campus Security and Crime Awareness

Code of Conduct

Completion and Graduation rates

Copyright Policy  (page 57 of catalog)

Cost of Attendance

Costs (page 26 of catalog)

Disabilities (page 13 of student handbook)

Non-discrimination Policy
(page 3 of catalog)

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy

Emergency Notification policy (page 19 of catalog)

Emergency Response/Evacuation Procedures (page 59-63 of student handbook)


FERPA (page 12-13 of catalog)

Fire Safety (page 20 of student handbook)

Fire Safety Report

Immunization Policy (page 35 of catalog)

            First Time Freshmen

            Degree Seeking Transfer Students

            Non-degree Seeking Students

            International Students

Missing person policy (page 18 of student handbook)


Refund Policy for Students Who Receive Title IV Federal Financial Aid and Withdraw From School

Satisfactory Academic Progress


Security Report

School Refund Policy (page 26 of catalog)           

Student Complaint Process BMC (page 12-15 of student handbook)
            Student Complaint Form BMC

Student Complaints

Student Loan Counseling Information

            Entrance Counseling

            Exit Counseling

TEACH Grant Exit Counseling

Student Loan Deferments

   How to Obtain Deferments

Study Abroad

Textbook Information

Transfer of Credit Policy 

Voter Registration

Blue Mountain College encourages all students to participate in local, state and national elections. Students are urged to register to vote. To vote in the State of Mississippi, students must register at least 30 days prior to an election.


Read information on voting in other states.

Withdrawal Policy


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