BU 209 Microcomputer Applications  
A study of the use of software tools, integrated software, and applications packages in business with an emphasis on word processing, database, and spreadsheet. Includes simulated projects to prepare students for real life situations.

BU 210-211 Principles of Accounting I and II
An introduction to accounting as the language and tool of business operations with emphasis on the reasoning and logic associated with accounting. Includes applications of this logic in classifying accounts, recording transactions, and preparing financial statements.

BU 220 Business Math
An introduction to quantitative methods in business and economic decision making, including an emphasis on the application of a wide variety of quantitative techniques and their appropriate use, based on the structure of the problem to be solved, the data available and the business requirements.

BU 280 Applied Small Business Accounting
This course offers an overview of the accounting information system in a enterprise environment with emphasis on the concepts, objectives, and significance of well-designed accounting information systems. The course material integrates computer-based systems concepts and techniques with accounting information processes. The course considers information system concepts and practices in the use and design of accounting information and business systems. Topics include business processes; computer based accounting systems, internal control requirements, and accounting requirements for the development of intelligent systems.

BU 306 Business Communications
A thorough study of communications concepts that merges communications theory and practical applications. Emphasizes a study of business communications in interpersonal, organizational, and world-wide context. An emphasis on ethics is included.

BU 310 Accounting Information Systems
Understanding of accounting information systems with regard to accounting systems, internal control, transaction documentation, and design of an AIS. Microsoft Access will be utilized with this course to develop an understanding of databases, developing queries and reports.

BU 312 Cost/Managerial Accounting Credit, three sem. hrs.
Examines managerial accounting principles and systems, cost determination, budgeting, cost variance, planning and control, and decision making. An emphasis on ethics is included.

BU 320 Business Statistics
An introduction to the descriptive and inferential statistics used in business applications. Emphasis will be on applications to the various types of problems encountered in the operations, planning, inventory control, budgeting and pricing in business. Topics covered include summary statistics, probability and probability distributions, sampling theory, hypothesis testing, and linear and non-linear regression models. Case studies will be used to illustrate statistical applications.

BU 330 Business Law
Acquaints the student with the fundamental principles of law as they relate to the basic legal problems of business transactions in our economy with special attention given to an introduction to law, organizational form, law of contracts, agencies, employment negotiable instruments, and commercial papers. An emphasis on ethics is included.

BU 340 Principles of Finance
Introduces the financial concepts necessary to conduct business. Financial performance evaluations; financial forecasting; and investment, financing, valuation of securities, and dividend decisions are discussed in a risk/return context. An emphasis on ethics is included.

BU 345 Fundamentals of Marketing
Designed to acquaint the student with the basic concepts and principles of marketing. Includes application of these concepts and principles to typical marketing problems and development of effective communication skills to persuasively present “solutions.”

BU 348 E-Commerce Marketing
Provides a vast amount of information and hands-on analysis to introduce marketing electronically. Course content includes foundations of this type of marketing and an introduction in how to properly market via email, company Web sites, and social media. Students will also learn how to properly measure and evaluate various web marketing programs. Social, regulatory, and ethical issues dealing with electronic marketing will also be covered.

BU 355 Advertising and Promotion
Provides students the opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of promotional theories, techniques, and tools utilized to market and promote companies in today’s complex business world. Students better understand what promotion is; the different elements of the promotional mix, which include advertising, sales promotion, public relations/publicity, personal selling, and direct marketing; and how all of these are incorporated to form an integrated marketing communication strategy. Students are provided the opportunity to develop an integrated marketing communication plan for a local business. An emphasis on ethical decisions will be incorporated in the course.

BU 410 Principles of Management
Includes discussion of principles of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an organization in the context of its environment.
Emphasis is on human resource management and the development of management skills in this area. An emphasis on ethics is included.

BU 455 Marketing Strategy
Designed to provide students an opportunity to apply marketing concepts learned in Fundamentals of Marketing to real world business scenarios. This will be accomplished through the utilization of case analyses, group discussions, text book material and relevant current events occurring in today’s business world. The key emphasis will be providing students with the critical strategic thinking skills necessary to succeed in today’s complex ever changing business world with a focus on marketing related decisions.

BU 420 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Topics include: opportunity analysis and feasibility; venture financing; writing a business plan; writing a marketing plan; and identifying the resources available to the new business venture including the Small Business Administration, SCORE, regional economic development bodies, banks and venture capitalists. An emphasis on ethics is included.

BU 460 Strategic Management
This is the capstone course for the business administration major. The course integrates all the functional areas of business learned in the core courses in order to make strategic management decisions related to a firm. Cases will be analyzed that focus on both small and large firms both in the public and private sector and strategic decisions will be made based on the individual case problems.

BU 475 Research Studies in Business
This course is dedicated to business research, analysis and writing on special topics in contemporary business. Students are introduced to and practice business theories, methods, analyses, and technology. Students must present a finished paper for evaluation reflecting adequate scholarly research and achievement for the topic selected and researched. Students normally spend the equivalent of 45 hours per semester hour of credit. Provides competent students opportunities for study in areas of interest other than those elsewhere defined permitting flexibility in course concentrations. An emphasis on ethics is included.

BU 480 Internship
A work-study experience that may be completed either on or off-campus and that is designed to expose the student to an actual workplace experience. It is conducted under the guidance and direction of an instructor qualified in the area in which credit is sought and with the appropriate permission of the designated instructor, the department chairperson and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students normally spend the equivalent of 45 hours at the worksite for each semester hour of credit.

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