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Picture of Curriculum Library from Door.
Fisher-Washburn Curriculum Library, Room 24
662.685.4771 - Ext. 239 

Curriculum Library Hours


Contact the department for hours.

  If you need something
from the Curriculum Library,
please contact Guyton Library
662.685.4771 Ext. 147.


Electronic Resources

Government Websites

Professional Associations

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Mississippi Department of Education

National Education Association


Mississippi Frameworks

National Council of Teachers of Math

EBSCOHost Databases

Mississippi Curriculum Benchmarks

National Science Teachers Association

Facts On File News Services

U.S. Department of Education


International Reading Teachers Association


No Child Left Behind

" src="EditorCE/CuteEditor_Files/Images/anchor.gif">National Council for Social Studies
" src="EditorCE/CuteEditor_Files/Images/anchor.gif">Research Tools


National Council of Teachers of English

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What Works Clearinghouse 

" src="EditorCE/CuteEditor_Files/Images/anchor.gif">National Association for Music

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