Mary Dean Hollis Historical Doll Collection

Housed in the Anderson Room of Guyton Library, the Mary Dean Hollis Historical Doll Collection contains dolls representative of the clothing styles worn by Blue Mountain College students from 1875 to the most recent graduation year. Mrs. Sibyl Brame Townsend Warren suggested the dressing of dolls to augment the collection of graduation dresses begun by Mrs. May Gardner Black and Belle Ferguson Simmons. The early dolls were usually made of porcelain and china and clothed in fine white cotton or linen gowns. Later dolls included dolls made of composition, resin, vinyl, and plastic. Doll types span from early china dolls, mannequin dolls of the 1940's, right up to the current Barbie dolls. The clothing styles range from graduation frocks, recital dresses, May Queen and formal dinner gowns to everyday street clothing with a variety of hemlines. Today, the president of the senior class selects a doll and dresses it in the fashion of the day to present at the annual alumnae meeting.

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