Clubs and Organizations

Advisors for  the Department of Education club on campus, are elated about the APPLEs (the Association of People Preparing for Leadership in Education). The purpose of APPLEs is threefold—complementing classroom instruction, enhancing professional growth through the development of leadership skills, and developing social interaction among future educators. Membership is open for students enrolled in education classes. Students may also choose to join one of the two education associations, the Mississippi Association of Educators-Student Program (MAE-SP) or the Mississippi Professional Educators (MPE). Both groups elect officers who work collaboratively toward the common goals of the club. All future educators are invited for fellowship with the APPLEs in the Student Union Building on club meeting days. Remember, “Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked, ‘Why?’” Bernard M. Baruch.

Alpha Delta Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi
Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education is a community of scholars dedicated to the worthy founding ideals of science, service, toil, and fidelity to humanity. Through the work of the Alpha Delta Psi Chapter of this Honor Society, education majors engage in activities to promote leadership, service, and lifelong learning.

Literacy on the Lawn
Literacy on the Lawn is annual event for local kindergarten children and their teachers.  It is sponsored by the APPLE Club and Kappa Delta Pi.  BMC won a national award from the Kappa Delta Pi organization for supporting literacy in the community through Literacy on the Lawn.

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