Blue Mountain College is pleased to announce a partnership with Examity®, a recognized leader in remote test proctoring. Our relationship offers students a secure and convenient way to take online FINAL exams.

Blue Mountain College needs Examity® to ensure the integrity of online exams and protect our accreditation. Examity® will help us maintain standards across all classes, regardless of format. This is a critical factor in the success of our online education strategy. Additionally, Examity® is ADA compliant, so all students may take advantage of the service.

Examity® is integrated with Blackboard. You may access Examity® directly from Blackboard, without the hassle of another username and password.

Examity® is fully transparent. Faculty are able to track when students take tests and review video recordings from any test session.

Please review the following links to get started with Examity.

Student Announcement

Student Quick Start Guide

Minimum System Requirements

Online Proctoring Process


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