Departmental Leadership Scholarship For the Fine Arts Division

These Departmental Leadership Scholarships will be a substantial contribution by Blue Mountain College to exceptionally talented music students who have demonstrated performance and leadership abilities to assist the Fine Arts division in its public exposure and service to Blue Mountain College. This scholarship may reward each recipient with tuition (32 semester hours per year), room, and board expenses on campus for the duration of the undergraduate degree at BMC.


Requirements for consideration/application:
  1. Each applicant must be a Music or Fine Arts major who has applied and been accepted to BMC and has demonstrated high school, collegiate, church, and/or community achievement in musical performance or ensemble leadership (including music ministry or worship leadership).

  2. Participation in choral ensembles, musicals, dramas, private lessons, academic or community Fine Arts awards, or other musical achievements.

  3. A solo audition and interview with the BMC music faculty to evaluate performance ability and leadership potential.

  4. A minimum of three written recommendations by music teachers, ensemble directors, personal acquaintances, or pastors (may include worship leaders) well acquainted with the applicant’s abilities.

  5. A written statement by the applicant to identify personal accomplishments and future career pursuits (to include all musical experience and artistic involvements).

  6. If applicant is a pianist or other instrumentalist please identify all performing ensembles or accompanying experience.

  7. In summary, each applicant must submit a BMC application and financial aid form, an official transcript from high school and any previous college experience, the personal statement, the three written recommendations, and he or she must also schedule a designated time with the BMC Fine Arts faculty for a solo audition to be considered for this special scholarship award.
 Anticipated contribution to BMC and student requirements for awarded scholarship:
  1. An outstanding representative for the college in all respects.

  2. The awarded student will maintain an overall 3.0 GPA the entire time at BMC and full-time student status at all times while enrolled at the College.

  3. The recipient must be a declared Music, Fine Arts, or Worship Leadership major pursuing graduation.

  4. The scholarship is in effect up to the number of hours required in the major.

  5. Each recipient must participate in Chorale every semester in addition to other performance venues and leadership roles assigned for the scholarship. (These activities may include campus events, special recruiting opportunities, vocal ensembles, National Association of Teachers of Singing student auditions, Mississippi Music Educators Association conventions/competitions, chapel leadership, worship teams, musicals, etc.)
Each year (in the spring semester) the award will be reviewed and evaluated by the BMC Fine Arts faculty. The renewal of the award will be based on their recommendations according to each recipient’s contribution and the needs and resources of the College and Fine Arts Department.


 Fill out this application and send in via email, mail, or fax to:

Blue Mountain College
Attention: Fine Arts Department
P.O. Box 160
Blue Mountain, MS 38610
(662) 685-4776


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