Dr. Lynn W. Varner
  Professor of Education

  B.A., Roanoke College
  M., Ed., Delta State University
  Ph. D., University of Mississippi

  Office:  Education Building, Room 119
  Office Extension:   240
  E-mail:  lvarner@bmc.edu
  Mail Box:  186

  Dr. Jenetta Waddell
Chair, Department of Education
  Professor of Education/ Dean of Graduate Studies

  B.S. George Peabody College of Teachers
  M.A., University of Alabama
  Ed.S., University of North Alabama
  Ed.D., University of Alabama

  Office:  Education Building, Room 124
  Office Extension:  662-685-4771 (Ext. 118)
  E-mail:  jwaddell@bmc.edu
  Mail Box:  186

  Dr. Patrick L. Washington
  Adjunct Faculty Member

  M.Ed., University of Mississippi
  Ed.S., Union University
  Ed.D., University of Mississippi

  E-mail:  pwashington@bmc.edu


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