Where there is no vision, the people perish . . .Proverbs 29:18

It is our great pleasure to share with you some exciting news about the future of Blue Mountain College. At their annual February meeting our Board of Trustees unanimously approved the concept for a seven-year strategic enrollment plan entitled GROW BMC! Significant enrollment growth will afford us the opportunity to be good stewards of the resources with which we have been blessed and to influence the world more profoundly for the Kingdom of God.

GROW BMC! involves three strategic initiatives:

Academic Program Review

Faculty will conduct a comprehensive review of current and future academic majors, focusing specifically on niche programs and majors that are not offered by our competitors and can attract new students to BMC. Ministerial and teacher education will remain flagship programs.

Expansion of Athletic Teams

BMC will add a variety of new athletic teams as soon as facilities are available over the next three years. Teams include junior varsity squads in baseball, softball, and women’s basketball, and varsity teams in tennis, bowling, archery, track and field, and possibly soccer. Other options will be considered as GROW BMC! unfolds. Revenue generated through the expansion of athletics will be used to expand and improve academic programs.

Expansion of Extracurricular Activities

Extra- and co-curricular activities will expand to include opportunities that are consistent with BMC’s academic mission and serve to create unique and exciting options outside the classroom. Plans include the establishment of a band, a newspaper staff, and a yearbook staff. A host of other options such as a debate team, an e-game team, and a gospel choir are under consideration.

In addition to contributing to a flourishing and attractive campus environment, GROW BMC! will allow us to ensure our long-term financial health, reward faculty and staff with much-needed salary increases, and construct or upgrade campus facilities to support an engaged learning and living community. Facilities to be built include the Sportsplex, a math/science building, a library annex, a band hall, and residential housing. Tyler gymnasium will also undergo renovations.

GROW BMC! can only be achieved through an unfailing and unapologetic commitment to our Christ-focused mission, through careful planning and sound fiscal management, through strategic investments in people, programs, and facilities, and through a commitment to the successful completion of this initiative by our entire community—including our faithful alumni. Here’s how you can help:

Pray! Please covenant with us to pray for wisdom, focus, and energy as we launch what will certainly prove to be the most aggressive and comprehensive enrollment initiative in our history.

Recruit! Tell prospective students about the great opportunities awaiting them at BMC—and connect us with these students.

Give! Planning for the future of BMC will require a significant financial investment: the entire project will run an estimated $12,000,000. Giving to support GROW BMC! ensures that our beloved College is here to prepare future generations who will enter to grow in wisdom and depart to serve. Stay tuned for more information on the GROW BMC! campaign.

We are excited about GROW BMC! for many reasons, including the fact that the achievement of this plan will coincide with the College’s 150th anniversary in 2023. We look forward at that time to celebrating a vibrant, thriving campus culture characterized by Christ-centered excellence. 

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