Press Release - May 9, 2016


$250,000 Challenge Pledge for Grow BMC!

BlueMountain College, along with 3,000 attendees, celebrated their first annual scholarship gala with Tim Tebow on April 12th. The College received a net revenue of $150,000 through the event. 

The Peoples Bank of Ripley was the lead sponsor and the bank’s longtime chairman Bobby Martin had this to say, “We believe in faith based higher education as well as the economic impact Blue Mountain College is making to our state. We have supported them in the past and we want to be a part of their bright future.”

At the historic event, President Barbara C.McMillin also unveiled the College’s seven year enrollment enhancement plan entitled Grow BMC. Dr. McMillin believes that Grow BMC will place the College on a path for long-term financial sustainability. She explains it this way, “There is an old parable that says, ‘Give a fish and feed for a day; teach to fish and feed for a lifetime.’ We feel like Grow BMC is God’s way of equipping us to fish, so that we can be fed for a lifetime.” 

The growth strategy is well underway as the College projects that the current enrollment of 460 students will increase by approximately 100 for the fall of 2016. To prompt this 25% increase in enrollment, the College has implemented various new scholarship programs to engage their prospective students. The recent additions include a band, drum line, yearbook staff, college newspaper, and expanded athletic squads.

To complement the Grow BMC strategy the College has set a fundraising goal of $3 million over the next 3 years. Gifted with an anonymous challenge pledge totaling $250,000, the College anticipates having $500,000 committed to the campaign by the start of their new fiscal year July 1.

To learn more about Grow BMC, please contact the Blue Mountain College Director of Development, Jody Hill, at (662) 685-4771 ext. 111, or go online to

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