About the Department:

The department offers five degree programs, three in English and two in Spanish. All five programs emphasize a balanced approach to the study of literature and language offering students instruction in writing, literature, communication, and the intricacies of language. The BA in English with an emphasis in Literature gives students a well-rounded foundation in American and English literature and offers students a solid base for graduate study. The BA in English with an emphasis in Writing prepares students for careers and graduate programs in writing. Students pursuing the BA in Spanish participate in a flexible program that enables students to participate in a variety of careers in a world where bilingualism is increasingly important. Both the BSED in English and the BSED in Spanish offer a broad scope of study including literature from across the world, basic linguistics, and writing, as well as educational pedagogy and multiple opportunities for hands-on teaching experience.

Students have the opportunity to participate in three publications: The Seer, The Mountain Breeze, and The Mountaineer. The Department also sponsors a very active English Majors Club, a Modern Foreign Language Club, and a local chapter of the international honor society in English, Sigma Tau Delta. For the last eight years, English majors have presented papers at the society's international convention, and two students have served in positions of leadership for the society.

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