Library Instruction Programs

Guyton Library staff offer library orientations and research trainings at the request of faculty.  Because of space limitations and staffing situations, faculty are asked to schedule times by contacting the library by email: or by phone:  662.685.4771 X147.  Please include the class name, session length, size of class, and specific class assignments to be addressed.

Sessions vary from an introduction to library services to step by step demonstrations for assignments.  Library orientations are usually preferable at the beginning of the semester to let students know about available library resources.  Assignment oriented sessions should be timed closer to the due date of the assignment.  Sometimes faculty prefer to attend with students to clarify assignment requirements. At other times, students sign-in to confirm their attendance for class credit. If staffing allows, library staff are also able to provide in-class presentations.

Library staff frequently review tutorials and create handouts to assist patrons with information literacy and library resources.  Please contact the library a few days ahead of time with requests so we can provide accurate and updated information.

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