Mary Raleigh Anderson Chinese Mission Room

Mo Kwong Room Entrance

Added to Guyton Library in 1994, the Anderson Room houses a collection of artifacts representative of daily life in China and collected during Mary Raleigh Anderson’s missionary service to China. "Mo Kwong" translated means "seeker of the light" and was the name of a fund established by Janie Lowrey Graves to support a home for blind Chinese girls prior to the Communist Revolution. Dr. Anderson and many other BMC students were loyal contributors through the years.

The granddaughter of General Mark P. Lowrey and daughter of Reverend J.D. and Margaret Anderson, Mary expressed a desire to be a missionary from childhood. After graduating and teaching at Blue Mountain College and later Hillman College, Mary attended the Missionary Training school in Louisville, Kentucky before joining her aunt, Mrs. Graves, at the Pooi To Academy located in the South China Mission in 1910.

Anderson returned to the U.S. and earned her doctorate from Columbia University with her dissertation, A Cycle in the Celestial Kingdom, in 1936. The Mary Raleigh Anderson Trust funded the room addition to "proclaim a spiritual message for Chinese Missions so that others will be inspired to continue their prayers, their gifts, the dedication of their lives as missionaries and their love for the souls of the Chinese people; that this room will be in daily use and a daily inspiration to students who study there."

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