Dr. Barbara Childers McMillin

President, Blue Mountain College

Dr. Sharon Ball Enzor

Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mr. Lynn Gibson

Vice President for Enrollment Services

Mr. Jody Hill

Vice President for Community Services

Ms. Emma Ainsworth

Director of Public Relations and Publications

Mr. Kevin Barefield

Director of Information Technology Services,
Head Golf Coach

Mrs. Pamela Bowman

Executive Assistant to the President

Mr. Will Lowrey

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Mrs. Joyce H. Peters

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Philip Ritchey

Dean of Students

Mr. Steve Robbins

Chief Financial Officer


Board of Trustees

Blue Mountain College, a Mississippi nonprofit corporation supported by the Mississippi Baptist Convention, is operated by a Board of Trustees which consists of no fewer than fifteen and no more than twenty-four members.  At the present time, the College has 18 trustees who are elected by the Mississippi Baptist Convention after having been recommended by the Blue Mountain College Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee of the Mississippi Baptist Convention.

Trustees elected by the Mississippi Baptist Convention take office January 1 following their election and serve a three-year term which expires on December 31 three years thereafter.  Trustees may be re-elected for another three-year term.

Any former trustee may be reelected, notwithstanding previous service of two or more consecutive terms, after a one-year period of not serving as a trustee.  The current list of members of the Board of Trustees for Blue Mountain College includes:


Mrs. Vanita Billingsley*
Tupelo, MS
Term Expires:  2020
Chuck Cooper
New Albany, MS
Term Expires:  2019
Jeff Cox
Tupelo, MS
Term Expires:  2018

Dr. Charles Fowler
Germantown, TN
Term Expires:  2020
Linda Gholston*
Baldwyn, MS
Term Expires:  2018
Bob Glover
Ripley, MS
Term Expires:  2019

Dr. David Hamilton*
Pontotoc, MS
Term Expires:  2019
Joy Hurt Hill*
New Albany, MS
Term Expires:  2020
E. Mac Huddleston
Pontotoc, MS
Term Expires: 2018

James Lewis*
Southaven, MS
Term Expires:  2020
Charlotte Madison*
Huntsville, AL
Term Expires:  2018
Marie Cox McAlpin
Brandon, MS
Term Expires: 2019
Thad Moore
Coffeeville, MS
Term Expires:  2018
Greg Pirkle
Tupelo, MS
Term Expires:  2019
Mike Staten
New Albany, MS
Term Expires:  2018
Mrs. Judith Swanberg*
Laurel, MS
Term Expires:  2020
Tommy Tapp
Amory, MS
Term Expires:  2019
Tommy Vinson*
Collierville, TN
Term Expires:  2020

* BMC Alumni



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