TK20 Assessment Planning

TK20 is a Blue Mountain College comprehensive data management system that allows administrators, faculty, staff and students to manage their data online in multiple areas including course instruction, field experiences, and sharing of assessment data. Tk20 simplifies assessment and streamlines accreditation by integrating all the tools needed into one comprehensive solution.

Support Contact Information: 

  • For support with any technical or login issues, please contact the BMC Information Technology Services department by sending and email to  You may also contact:
    • Kevin Barefield - - (662) 685-4771 Ext 100
    • Nancy Byrd - - (662) 685-4771 Ext 102
  • For questions or issues with with general content building/input or assessment related issues contact:
    • Dale Cutrer - - (662) 685-4771 Ext 114
    • Dr. Sharon Enzor - - (662) 685-4771 Ext 136      

Login/Access Instructions:

  • To access TK20 go to the accessBMC page at
  • Here you will automatically be logged into the accessBMC portal.  This login action will occur automatically if you are logged in to the BMC Active Directory.  If you are off campus, you will need to use your active directory login credentials.
  •  On the above shown screen, select the TK20 icon.
  • The next screen will automatically login to the TK20 Application.  If you are accessing off campus, you should use your active directory credentials to login.  



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